Soundinstallation in 2008 in the „Rathausgalerie Munich“ in celebration of 850 Jahre München (850 years of the city munich) and 60 „Jahre Seerosenkreis e.V.“ (Artist association)!
„Timecube“ (Glas & Schnur / Glass and Rope) by Tobias Krug showing timelines from 1158 till 2008 together with corresponding sound and music by Brian Cranford based on astronomical data. The whole composition can be ordered on request. 
„ac-munich850“ 16.6.1158 - 21.6.2008 speed = 4083,2 bpm = 68,04845 Hz
jup-sat/jup-ura/jup-nep/jup-plu/sat-ura/sat-nep/sat-plu/ura-nep/ura-plu/nep-plu/earth year added. lenght = 76:01 / 310457earthdays

The Project „Akustik-Clock“ was started in 2002 by Tobias Krug and Brian Cranford. It continues the ancient concept about the music of the spheres (musica universalis, musica speculativa, musica mundana, harmony of the spheres), and is a realisation into new, literally in the truest sense of the word contemporary music. Time (chronos) is displayed through certain events (kairos). Astronomical and macrocosmic interrelations are brought into human perception by using fast motion. Each track represents a certain timeperiod with a specific start-date and end-date.

Akustik-Clock musica siderale (Audio-CD)

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