The Zwiefacher is exceptional and unique in Europe: it´s a category of dances with changing rhythm. Zwiefache are tunes/dances that change time signatures between duple time (2/4 = Dreher, Turning) and triple time (3/4 = Walzer, waltz). These songs from Bavaria, Upper Palatinate and Frankonia tell stories about the hard life in these regions, but also about the funny side of life. All tracks are traditionals and were arranged, edited and performed by the Brein-Quartett: Balthasar, Bubi, Beppi und Babsi.


01- Boarischer Bauer
02- Wampat Gust
03- Linzer
04- s´paar Oxen
05- Bumsdada
06- Boarischer Bauer Var.3
07- Lustig sei
08- Wirtshausdür
09- Boarischer Bauer Var.2
10- Boarischer Bauer Var.1

(c)+(p) 2004  I.C.R.

Brein-Quartett Snipett